Mardian Natural Medicine .ca

MNM is a Natural Medicine Clinic specializing in Deficiencies & Toxicity Testing.
We provide Health Care for the entire family, including a special interest in Chronic Disease, Weight Loss, Hormones, Pregnancy and Fertility issues. Our Natural Dispensary offers Natural Remedies for most ailments. We have a licensed Naturopathic Doctor on staff. We also offer, Acupuncture, B12 Shots, Botanical Medicine, Clinical Nutrition, Deficiency Testing, Food Allergy & Sensitivity Testing, Bio Identical Hormones, Toxicity Testing, and more.

Our Sensitivity and Toxicity Testing (S.A.T.) finds Toxins and Nutritional Deficiencies causing disturbances to your health. We also have tests for Bacteria, Molds, Metals, Viruses, & Parasites. Call us at (519) 896-4800 to book your appointment today.